MBBS in Philippines Vs. MBBS in India




Number of Years 6 Years 5 Years
International Exposure No Yes
Fees Structure 50 to 80 Lacs Under 20 Lacs
NEET Score Compulsory Start without NEET
Medium of Instruction English English
Climate Conditions —— Similar to India
Clinical Practice Allowed Allowed
Living Expenses 15k-20k Per Month 15k-20k Per Month
Indian Food Available Available
MCI Listed Yes Yes
National Exit Test Yes Yes
Residency Options Only India India, USA, Germany

SUMMARY : For students from India – there are MANY advantages of studying in Philippines over other non–English speaking Countries. They are educated in English medium from day one and can converse with locals. There is a very strong Indian community with a gurudwara located in Manila. India food is sold in the canteen. A home away from home!!