Philippines Vs. China,Russia & Ukrain


MBBS in Philippines

MBBS in China, Russia, Ukraine etc

1. English Advantage:

Biggest advantage of Philippine is English. Just as Indians are educated in English as India was a colony of UK; Philippines–was a US colony. English is an official language in Philippines. School is in English from class 1 – like in India.

No new language needed to be learnt.
Time is spent on medical education and not on language: Better Education!!

1. Local Language is not English:

Students from India going to China, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and other non English speaking countries need to learn the local language in order to talk to patients & locals.

Need to pass a competency test in the local language – Chinese or Russian
Time spent in study of local language
Difficult to understand what patients say. Improper learning.

Teachers know Chinese or Russian. They are NOT fluent in English & cannot explain subject properly to the students. Many student complaints on this issue.

2. US & International Job Advantage:

Philippines: Largest supplier of trained nurses & Doctors to USA & several other countries.

Strong culture of giving USMLE & going to the US for job. Universities are listed in California Board of Medicine for licensing. If interested in US, you have an advantage in Philippines.

Alumni work in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore etc. Good for networking and linkages for jobs.


2. Less Exposure To International Jobs:

There is no culture of going overseas for jobs in China, Russia or Ukraine.

Few students from these Countries go overseas for medical jobs – no strong alumni base or linkages

3. Superior Quality Education:

Teachers are all fluent in English
Some Teachers are US educated and can offer guidance and advise on overseas careers.

High standard of education compared to non English countries.


3. Comparatively Lower Quality:

Teachers native language is Chinese or Russian. They have to learn English and then teach in English. Teachers have accents. Students do not understand properly – many complaints on this issue.
Local Teachers are not good guides for overseas careers due to limited exposure. No gearing for USMLE. Standards are lower as compared to Philippines


4. Tropical Country:

Philippines a tropical country.

Environment similar to India in Philippines
Ease of Living – similar temperature to India


4. Temperate Country:

China, Russia & Ukraine – are temperate countries with snow fall.

Students do not get clinical exposure to tropical medicine In winter there is snow fall & the temperature falls to –20 degree.


5. Live Patients:

During hospital work medical students get exposure to many patients in Philippines.

5. No Live Patients:

China, Russia & Ukraine: Not the case – due to custom and language barrier students have limited access to patients.


6. Low Fees:

Fees are very low. Very affordable Education

6. Comparatively Expensive:

China, Russia & Ukraine – some of the colleges have fees very expensive.


7. Clinical Rotation in USA Possible:

Clinical rotations in USA are counted in your grade. Exposure from US Hospital helps in jobs in the USA after USMLE.

Teachers or University or Agents help you arrange for clerkship or you may have to arrange for this yourself in the USA.

7. Overseas Clinical Rotation in Not Possible:

China, Russia & Ukraine: Do not offer facility of clinical rotations overseas.

Teachers in China, Russia & Ukraine have limited exposure to the USA and cannot guide you in this matter.

Not easy to travel due to the language barrier in China, Russia or Ukraine.

8. Manila – Capital City:

Cosmopolitan city with modern facilities. Students feel at home. Many tourists. Traditionally the locals welcome foreigners. Everyone knows English. Getting visa is very easy

<strong>Food:</strong> Many cuisines including Indian food is available in Manila.

8. Not all countries have a strong tourism base.

Visa issue is more complicated.

Indian food is not available.

9. 100% USMLE Success Rate:

In the last 5 years UoPH has a 100% success rate in the USMLE all have passed. This attests to the high standards of Education.

9. Less USMLE Success Rate:

China, Russia & Ukraine do not have a 100% USMLE pass rate.

SUMMARY : For students from India – there are MANY advantages of studying in Philippines over other non–English speaking Countries. They are educated in English medium from day one and can converse with locals. There is a very strong Indian community with a gurudwara located in Manila. India food is sold in the canteen. A home away from home!!